2019-12-06 Jan PrachařCouchDB: fix parsing HTTP 100 response 2.7-stable
2016-03-08 Jan Prachařfix missing classes when Nette RobotLoader is run
2016-03-01 Jan Prachařdo not try to detect browser in cli
2016-02-25 Jan PrachařApache 2.4 compatibility
2015-02-06 Jan PrachařNavigation: Able to detect order from document of type...
2014-12-16 Jan PrachařSystem: Account page with name and password change...
2014-10-27 Jan Prachařoptional url params for paginator
2014-10-12 Jan Prachařfix xhprof
2014-09-18 Jan Prachařchange contact form email headers due to DMARC
2014-09-16 Jan PrachařSystem: Datagrid: 404 error if edited entity is not...
2014-07-30 Jan PrachařNavigation: Item has css class according to document...
2014-07-30 Jan PrachařNavigation: Support for all CMS\Model\Presentable
2014-01-17 Jan Prachařphp5.5 compatibility
2014-01-17 Jan PrachařCouchDB: fix HEAD requests
2014-01-17 Jan PrachařCouchDB: add timeout to query requests
2014-01-05 Jan PrachařAdd DownloadResponse
2013-07-22 Jan PrachařBugfix: Correct class name of Nette\Finder
2013-07-21 Jan PrachařSystem: Support for nicer multiselect with jQuery.multi...
2013-06-10 Jan PrachařSupport for in template caching
2013-04-22 Jan PrachařSystem: Generalized JS sortable handler.
2013-04-20 Jan PrachařDocument: DynamicControls: Support for control title...
2013-04-08 Jan PrachařCMS\Navigation: Added parameters $name and $current...
2013-04-08 Jan PrachařCMS\Navigation: Fix doc comments.
2013-03-25 Jan PrachařEywa\IPrice: added getPrecision(): default precision...
2013-03-24 Jan PrachařSystem: Removed 'texyArea' which did not work anyway
2013-03-24 Jan PrachařSystem: Possible to disable TinyMCE on a textarea with...
2013-03-23 Jan PrachařBugfix: Redirect after sign out.
2013-03-12 Jan PrachařRemoved 'beta' environment name
2013-03-12 Jan PrachařDebug is configured according to debug section in confi... 2.7
2013-03-12 Jan PrachařSupport for PECL APC < 3.1.4 2.6-stable
2013-02-26 Jan PrachařCaching browser.ini into APC instead of memcache.
2013-02-26 Jan PrachařCaching Eywa version into APC instead of memcache.
2013-02-22 Jan PrachařSass: Debug output in development environment
2013-02-21 Jan PrachařContactForm: Hide also antispam field itself.
2013-02-21 Jan PrachařRoute: Redirect *.htm -> */
2013-02-17 Jan PrachařRemove unused general route
2013-02-17 Jan PrachařAutoredirect from 'www.subdomain' to 'subdomain'.
2013-02-10 Jan PrachařFileRouter: Catch FileNotFoundException
2013-02-10 Jan PrachařFilePresenter: Turn off autocanonicalize
2013-02-10 Jan PrachařContactForm: User identity must not have email
2013-02-10 Jan PrachařContactForm: Fix sending to multiple addresses.
2013-01-27 Jan PrachařFileRouter: Oprava rozpoznávání obrázků.
2013-01-08 Jan PrachařScript:CMS: Sitemap export generates links using router.
2013-01-08 Jan Prachařscript.php uses loader.php and does not repeat code.
2012-02-23 Jindra HelclCMS\System: Document: beforeSave event handler added...
2012-02-23 Jindra HelclCMS\System: DocumentEditor: Support for adding classes...
2012-02-17 Jan PrachařMerge commit '17af62a' into 2.6-stable origin/2.6-stable
2012-02-17 Jan PrachařSecurity: CouchDBAuthenticator
2012-02-07 Jan PrachařMerge commit '5341c' into 2.6-stable
2012-02-07 Jan PrachařDropped dependency on Sqlite2.
2012-02-07 Jan PrachařPossible to use Cache storage from Nette2.
2012-01-16 Jindra HelclTinyMCE: Přidání pluginu media
2012-01-16 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Possible external configuration of TinyMCE.
2012-01-13 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Correct document type in the list of subpages.
2012-01-13 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Fix display of subpages when a subpage...
2012-01-11 Jan PrachařCMS\System: DocumentEditor: Support for date and dateti...
2012-01-11 Jan PrachařTypo
2012-01-11 Jan PrachařCMS\Repository\Storage\CouchDB: Fixed escaping resource...
2012-01-11 Jan PrachařSecurity\LdapAuthenticator: Global domain is taken...
2012-01-11 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Settings: Fixed saving (better check i...
2012-01-11 Jan PrachařSecurity\LdapAuthenticator: Root DN is taken from confi... 2.6
2012-01-10 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Timepicker added to jQuery datepicker. 2.5-stable
2011-12-12 Jan PrachařMerge branch '2.5-stable' of ssh://minyon.intya.cz...
2011-12-12 Jan PrachařCMS: Overview: Fix pagination when filtering the docume...
2011-12-02 Jan PrachařMerge branch '2.5-stable' of ssh://minyon.intya.cz...
2011-12-02 Jan PrachařAdded TestMailer.
2011-12-01 Jan PrachařMerge commit '691ab' into 2.5-stable
2011-12-01 Jan PrachařApplication: Method getLang().
2011-11-24 Jan PrachařSession is not saved for crawlers.
2011-11-16 Jan PrachařAddition in install instructions.
2011-11-07 Jan PrachařCMS\Presenter: Support for absolute links.
2011-10-20 Jan PrachařCMS\System: TinyMCE: b and i tags are prefered over...
2011-10-20 Jan PrachařResourcesLoader: Revert sass path.
2011-10-14 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Aloha: All editables are sent to server.
2011-10-14 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Aloha: Changed configuration.
2011-10-14 Jan PrachařMerge branch '2.5-stable' of ssh://minyon.intya.cz...
2011-10-14 Jan PrachařCMS\System: TinyMCE: id attribute is allowed on div.
2011-10-14 Jan PrachařCMS: Aloha: Set current language.
2011-10-11 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Icons for document types.
2011-10-05 Jan PrachařCMS: Aloha is not supported in Opera.
2011-10-05 Jan PrachařCMS/System: TinyMCE: Explicit check if content is dirty.
2011-10-05 Jan PrachařCMS\System: JS: TinyMCE: Workaround for bug #4005.
2011-10-05 Jan PrachařCMS\System: JS: AjaxForm: Test existence of tinyMCE.
2011-10-04 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Document: Save content only if it is modified.
2011-10-04 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Saving of TinyMCE content via AJAX.
2011-10-04 Jan PrachařWhitespace
2011-10-04 Jan PrachařCMS\System: TinyMCE plugin cleanup.
2011-10-03 Jan PrachařCMS: Logging document changes.
2011-10-03 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Document: Fixed addPage.
2011-10-03 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Do not show toolbar when click occurs on...
2011-09-30 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Info messages are hidden automatically...
2011-09-30 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Document editing is completely via AJAX.
2011-09-28 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Document: Conflict resolution dialog.
2011-09-28 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Document: Revision is shown a send with...
2011-09-28 Jan PrachařApplication\Presenter: Do not compile Aloha JS.
2011-09-28 Jan PrachařCMS\System\Presenters\Auth: Backlink is persistent...
2011-09-28 Jan PrachařDebug\XHProf: Auto-creation of output dir.
2011-09-28 Jan PrachařCMS\System: Optimized datagrid.
2011-09-26 Jan PrachařCMS\Model: Title for all model classes.
2011-09-21 Jan PrachařAloha editor: Plugin for saving content.