2011-12-19 Jan PrachařSetting current navigation item moved to beforeRender. origin/HEAD origin/master
2011-12-02 Jan PrachařEywa update
2011-11-24 Jan PrachařJS: Pie update.
2011-11-24 Jan PrachařEywa update
2011-10-05 Jan PrachařUpdate to Eywa 2.5
2011-09-12 Jan PrachařConfig update
2011-09-12 Jan PrachařEywa update
2011-07-14 Jan PrachařAdded Google +1.
2011-07-08 Jan PrachařEywa update.
2011-07-07 Jan PrachařEywa update
2011-06-06 Jan PrachařPrettyPhoto: Missing end of line after comment.
2011-06-06 Jan PrachařDo not disallow compiled dor for robots.
2011-05-30 Jan PrachařEywa update
2011-05-30 Jan PrachařTemplate for error page.
2011-05-27 Jan PrachařEywa update
2011-05-27 Jan PrachařEywa update.
2011-05-26 Jan PrachařCSS: Changed syntax to SASS.
2011-05-26 Jan PrachařAdded prettyPhoto.css
2011-05-26 Jan PrachařEywa update
2011-05-26 Jan PrachařAdded
2011-05-26 Jan PrachařFix loading FB script.
2011-05-26 Jan PrachařRun beta environment in production mode.
2011-05-17 Jan PrachařCSS: Styles for tinymce.
2011-05-12 Jan PrachařEywa update
2011-05-12 Jan PrachařCSS: Default styles.
2011-05-09 Jan PrachařAdded robots.txt
2011-05-03 Jan PrachařLinked CSS style for IE9.
2011-05-03 Jan PrachařEywa update
2011-05-03 Jan PrachařCSS for IE9, no .htaccess.
2011-04-21 Jan PrachařInitial commit